Which type of bet is better? Single or Multiple?

Which type of bet is better? Single or Multiple?

It is most likely that at some point you might have wondered which type of bet is better than the other. In most cases a punter would be weighing between a single or multiple bet. In this article, we will look at these two bets and at the end of it you will have learnt which bet works best for you.

Single bets are better than multiple

We tend to believe that online punters will greatly be at a better chance of having their bets win if they are placing single bets. We will show how it is easier for you to win in single bets compared to multiple bets.
Let’s take a look at an ATC (Any to Come) bet for £20 that has two selections. That are going to be played in different times.
The first selection: Lyon vs Mets starting at 17:00. (In this bet we choose that Lyon will win on odds of 1.5)
The second selection is between Arsenal vs Everton starting at 20:00 (we choose arsenal to win with odds of 1.5)
Total payout on this bet will be £45 which means the won amount will be £25.

Will this be the same case is we placed the bet as separate bets for each selection at the bookie?
You can place a bet on the initial selection which is Lyon with odds of 1.5 with a stake of £20. This means that you get a payout of £30. If you bet with the payout you get from the initial bet for the arsenal bet which also has odds of 1.5, you get a payout of £45. This means that you will have a winning of £25. Which is exactly the same as the initial multiple bet.

Why do you need to go through all this trouble?

With multiple bets, we only limit ourselves to one bookie. Never get the chance to look at the odds being offered by another. What if another bookmaker had better odds? If we can get a bookmaker who will offer better odds for one of the events we want to bet on, then we will be at a loos if we put all our eggs in one basket. This is why we focused on events happening at different times in the first example.

What if another bookie was offering our Lyons bet with an odd of 1.7? We would place a stake of £20 on the bet and realize £34 from it. Then use the win to place the arsenal bet with the 1.5 odds to make £51. This means that we would have made a profit of £31. This means that we would have made £6 more from the initial bet which was placed in one bookmaker.

You might be wondering, is £6 worth all the hassle?

When you first look at the odd difference, you might see this as a very small margin and one that will not make a huge different to your income. For those who would only have a stake of about £5 this would not make sense to them. But what if this was applied to ten or twenty bets that you might make in a month? This would be a lot of money enough to top up your betting bankroll.

As for high roller punters, this would make a pretty huge difference for them and might translate to hundreds of dollars to them. Our advice would be for you to split your multiple bets. This should not be necessarily the any to come but can also apply to accumulator or system bets.

This makes sense and it is clear that small differences in odds will mean a lot of winnings in the long run or for high roller bets.

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