Real won Champions League title 2018

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The night was epic and it was filled with plenty of storylines and Liverpool’s keeper will have to live with the fact that his part will be remembered for a longer time compared to Gareth Bale’s incredible bicycle kick or the tears shed by Mohamed Salah.  Real Madrid’s team players and fans show no sign of any fatigue as they take home their third win in a row in UCL victory and the fourth in a span of five years.

The team members were allowed to rest and shower but they were back at Bernabeu by 6 pm for their full evening programme of celebrations.  When they landed in Spain, their first stop was at the city’s cathedral where Bishop Jesus Vidal appreciated the team for their spectacular performance and the example they are setting for the young generation. This was followed by the club captain Sergio Ramos presenting the UCL trophy to the Virgen de la Almudena who is the patron saint for all madrilenos.

The man of the match was Gareth Bale who only had thirteen minutes in Cardiff last year but had more time to play during his half hour this time. the first goal was impressive which was incredible to his game-changing display off the bench and the outstanding acrobatic goal that put his team ahead.

The coach, Zinedine Zidane said that this performance that day was the most important thing. He acknowledges that the players did a great job and it was not easy at all for them. One thing he pointed out is that they did not have a ceiling and that they are hungry for more and it was demonstrated by their performance.

As for Jurgen Klopp, he congratulated Real Madrid for their win and said that salah’s departure was one huge event in the game. It’s unlucky that he sustained an injury and it will still be a mystery to them on how the game would have been if he played. He also pointed out that Bale’s bicycle kick was amazing.

In the 2013-14 UCL, Real Madrid won 4-1 against Atletico Madrid. For the 2015-16 UCL, they won 1-1 against Atletico Madrid and on this one they won on penalties. This was after they had lost to Juventus in 2015 in the semis. In 2016-17, they won 4-1 against Juventus.

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