Mobile Betting Apps


Android Betting Apps

You might have been led to believe that Apple is the biggest smartphone application but the reality is that Android is the most used operating system on handheld devices. Nearly 80% of the smartphones are powered by Unix based operating system. iOS has less than 15% of the market in the world. This being so, you will realize that almost all betting companies are developing software for Android applications. With regard to the terms Google held before 2017 on gambling apps, you will not find most of these applications on play store but things have changed nowadays. You will hardly find the application on Play store but this is nothing to worry about since you can easily get the application from the respective bookmaker’s website. With the use of mobile devices, most of these bookmakers are compatible with mobile devices but you will realize that the applications come with additional functionalities that will make your betting worth every second.

iOS mobile devices

iOS is said to be the second most popular operating system for smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. This is in a global scene but there are countries like in the US and UK where they are popular compared to Android. 15% is a huge scale and this cannot be overlooked. This is the reason you will find betting sites do not only have Android but they also have iOS applications for their sites.

Windows mobile devices

The market for these devices is incredibly small. A contributing factor to this small market is the lack of support like the lack of application developers in the area. Bet365 has one of the best betting applications for Windows Phone. As was mentioned earlier, this is not a priority for the developers since these phones and tablets are not that popular. If your betting site does not have a native application for their sites, then you can access the site from your mobile browser. When you choose to access the sites from your browser you will realize that the site will not be as functional as it would be when you access it from the application. But this is better than being locked out from accessing the bookie when you’re away from your computer.

Blackberry applications

From 2015, technology has made it possible for you to run Android applications on BlackBerry smartphones like Priv and DTEK50. This simply means that you will be able to use Google Play and Amazon Android store apps on BlackBerry smartphone devices. With such collaborations between brands, it is unlikely that we will have bookies developing apps exclusively for BB. If you see a bookie with an app supported on Android, most likely it will work on BlackBerry as well.

Football Apps

In this section, we are going to mention the best betting apps. This post would not be complete if we did not mention them. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and this is the reason bookies have developed apps meant to solely serve the football market. You realize that bookies like Bet365 will offer 50 types of bets in the world of live football betting alone. With this, it is possible for you to come up with endless accumulator combinations by placing multiple bets. Since you will be using your mobile device to make the bets, you can place them wherever you are and at any time at your convenience. The apps have unique features for football accumulator like the ACCA tracker or the ACCA insurance that is found with apps like William Hill and Paddy Power.

Have you tried the Asian Handicap wagers? They might seem complicated at first but this will change when you get used to them. These handicaps will get rid of the possibility of a draw and will increase the odds for a positive outcome. With the Asian Handicap, it will make sure that at least one of the teams will be victorious on your betting slip.

European Handicap is another form of betting that you can adopt. This works well with championships like Bundesliga, La Liga, and Premier League. The odds in this will favour the frontrunners much. With the European Handicap, you will make a team disadvantaged with your bet and this will make their victory harder and the potential profit will be higher. Similar to the Asian Handicap and ACCA, most of the top betting applications have the European Handicap feature available.

Tennis Apps

You will not find an exclusive provider of tennis betting apps, they will also have other sports on their platform that you will bet on. The action will be incredible for usual events like Australian Open French Open and Wimbledon. You will also find odds to other tournaments as well. For some apps, you will find live streaming as well as live betting provisions which makes your betting endeavour worthwhile and enjoyable.

Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing Applications

Horse racing is another sport that’s popular among bettors and this is closely followed by greyhound betting. Unlike in the past, you do not have to go to the track to watch the race or look for betting shops around the track to place your wagers. When you have a betting application, you are able to place a bet on your favourite race and you will also get races from many regions and countries on top of those in your locality.