Live Betting

You might have heard about live betting from a friend or a bookmaker advert. Live betting is bringing the new craze in the world of online betting. Live betting is also known as in-play betting and what this simply means is that you get to bet on sporting events as they progress. It will be no surprise seeing all bookies offer live betting in near future. Live betting has become the norm for bookies and this has received great reception from punters.

There are plenty of reasons why punters love live betting. This is because they get to experience great entertainment, they get a lot of money making opportunities and they get flexibility in their betting. Live betting has an exciting nature and this immerses you in the action where you get a lot of betting opportunities.

How live betting came to be

In the past, live betting was not an option in sports betting and the only available option way pre match bets. With the pre bets, you were only able to make a bet before the sports event started and you would wait for your bet to mature after the game ended. Bookies thought this was a boring experience and the only way it would be spiced up would be introducing live betting. With live betting you are allowed to place additional bets as the game and the odds are determined by the activities taking place in the game.

With live betting, you are at liberty to bet on a host of activities. The bet types and the frequency at which you can bet are dependent on the technological capabilities of the bookies you are betting.

Different types of live bets

The types of live bets you get will vary depending on the sport, as well as, the bookie. For a sportsbook to have the live betting facility it takes a lot of technological advancements, as well as, manpower. The odds are set in real-time unlike in pre-match bets where the odds can be set even days before the match.

Traditional bets

These are similar to the pre-match bets where you make a bet in real time. When making this kind of bet when the game is live, the odds will be different compared to odds available before the game started.

Prop Bets

If the bookie has the right technology, these bets will be made available for your in-game wagers. These are bets where you wager on events like the number of touchdowns a player will possibly make, the number of goals to be scored and the number of corner kicks to be issued. These and other kinds of prop bets will be availed in your prop bets during live betting.


This is where you have the option of turning your single bets into parlays. You observe a trend or predict a new trend will emerge and add it to your original bet after the game has started. This is done in the event where you want to capitalize on the correct prediction.

Getting the best from live betting

For you to take full advantage of live betting, there are factors you need to put into practice.

Know your bookie’s interface

You need to know your bookie’s interface for you to be able to execute the best correctly. Take some time and learn the interface to avoid making mistakes when placing your bets.

Do not start with live betting

If you are a newbie in sports betting, live betting is not the right place to start. Start by placing the pre-match bets before graduating to in-play bets.

Watch the entire game

Live betting is different from pre-match betting. When making a live bet, be prepared to watch the entire bet. Watching the entire bet might give you something small that will give you an edge to your competition.

Know your Limits

This can make you get carried away by the excitement and forget to make informed decisions. This is why we advise you to set limits since online betting can be addictive.


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