Horse Betting

Horse racing is an exciting sport where thousands of races take place every year all over the world. In horse racing, you realize that there are a lot of people who adore the sport. They love watching it as well as horse betting on their favourite horses and jockeys. When it comes to placing a bet, there are a myriad of factors that are to be considered when placing your bet. When you know how to place your bets, horse racing betting becomes easy.

As you starting betting on horse races, it is important for you to understand horse racing odds, as well as, what they mean. With this knowledge you will be sure to make informed bets. In the UK, the betting odds are given in fractions. The horse betting odds can be displayed as 3/1 which means for every £1 you get a profit of £3. For other parts of Europe, you realize that the odds are given in decimal form. For instance you can get an odd given as 2.0. The decimal odds might not always be in whole numbers. For the odds of 2.0 this means that your winnings will be your stake amount multiplied by the odd.

Tips to bet on horse racing

Have a specialization

Nowadays there is so much horse racing especially during the summer. This being the case, it will be hard for you to be on top of all of it. Attempting to keep track of all of it will lead to wring judgement. This is why it is important for you to find an area that you will concentrate on.

When the weather changes, be patient

Summer month races are the hardest for the bookmakers. During summer, the ground is dry and the ground is the same. When the weather changes, the race results also change. You might make your analysis when horse racing is on firm ground but the actual race will happen on soft ground.

Record and review your bets

As you make your bets, it is important for you to be disciplined and to keep track of the bad value bets. You need not make a bet that has value. Do not also make bets out of frustration when things are not working out your way. Stick to the plan you have made and do not ride out the tough times.

Single bet

A single bet will win or lose depending on the outcome of the backed event. The person to place the bet needs to decide the amount they wish to bet. The higher the stake the higher the potential winnings. When the bet loses, the bookmaker will keep the stake and the bettor gets nothing. When the bet wins, the stake will be multiplied by the odds given to determine the payout. You realize that a bookmaker will give higher odds to selections they think will less likely win. The best thing to do is to place bets on events you think are more likely to happen and not look at the odds suggested.

Multiple Bet

This kind of betting is mostly popular in Australia and you are able to get incredible returns for a small stake. This is where you can bet on more two or more horses in a single bet. But for the bet to win all horses you have been on need to win.

Straight forecast

This is the first kind of forecasts you can do. This is when you make a selection of two horses in a single race to finish in either first or second place. For the bet to earn you winnings, the horse to be in the first and second place need to be in the exact order. This is the kind of bet where both events need to happen as described. You do not get a return if one of the horses does not finish in the order you predicted.

Reverse forecast

This is slightly different from the straight forecast. In this bet, you pick two horses to be in the first and second place in the race but the order they finish does not matter in this case. For your bet to win both horses need to appear in the first two positions.


This kind of bet is referred to as a trifecta, triple, or a triactor. This kind of bet makes it possible for you to make as many as three entries in a horse race.


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