Free Bets

There are different types of welcome bonuses when signing up with a bookmaker. With free bets, you need not make a deposit for you to receive it. All that’s required of you is to sign up with the respective bookmaker and opt-in for the free bet and money will be credited into your account. The free bets might be attached to wagering requirements and some might not be attached to any of these.

Are you wondering whether free bets are worth it? Yes they are, the returns are in cash and can be in huge amounts of money. Similar to other bets, you can make money from the free bets. There is no guarantee that your free bet will win, it is a great incentive for new players to raise their morale playing in the new bookie.

When going for a free bet, you need to put a lot of things into consideration. One thing is that you will need to determine whether the free bet fits your betting needs and whether it will be worth it. Another thing you need to look at is the wagering requirement. Are they favourable or oppressive? This will assist you in making a decision whether you need to go for the free bet.

Different types of free bet offers and welcome offers:

Matched Bonuses

This is the kind of bonus you receive after successfully registering with a bookmaker. You will be required to make your first deposit and it will be matched with a bonus of similar amount. This kind of bonus is usually 50-200% of the deposit amount and is mostly attached to play-through requirements that you need to check whether they favour your betting need.

Risk-Free Bets

This is similar to an insurance bet that protects you from losses. When you opt-in for such a bonus, you will be refunded your stake when your bet loses. There are beets that do not qualify for this promotion and you need to know about them by reading through the terms and conditions before subscribing for the bonus.

Bet xx Get xx

These are the kinds of welcome bonuses that give you additional free bets after you make your first bet or after they are settled.

No Deposit Free Bet

This is another bonus that you get after you sign up an account. As the name suggests, you need not make a deposit to get the bonus. The bonus will be automatically credited to your account on confirming your registration or after claiming it.

100-200% First Bet Bonus

This is similar to the match bonus. In this case, the bookmaker will indicate the percentage they will match your deposit. If it is 100% match free bet bonus, you will get an equal amount of bonus as your deposit.

Treble Odds Free Bet Bonus

In this case, the odds on your first bet will be trebled and the additional winnings will be paid in the form of free bets.

Money Back Specials

There are free bets refunded into your account when your bet has fallen into a special offer. This can be a lost football bet on football or one that ended in a draw.

Claiming the free bets & sports betting bonuses

When it comes to claiming any bonus in a bookie, there are factors that you need to look into and put into consideration. These factors include and not limited to checking on the wagering requirements, sports you can use the free bet, expiry of the bet and the market the bet is available.

When the bet has high wagering requirements, then it should not consider going for it. This is a bet that will hurt your bankroll and you might end up losing more than you expected. When it comes to the availability of the bet, you need to make sure that the bet is available in your market. Another thing should be the sport you use the bet on, there are instances whether you find the bet restricted to some sports and not available to others. make sure that the bet can be used on sports you bet on.

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