France and Germany in one group in Euro 2020

Euro 2020 will start in the month of June 2020 and selection of the team is done on the basis of draw conducted in Bucharest, Romania. Here are the teams in each group. One of the groups consists of Germany, Portugal, and France and this group has been called a group of death.

France, Germany, and Portugal

In this game, there is always a group of death and in this draw also, this group has been constructed. France is a world champion and won pot two while Portugal is a winner of Uefa Nations League winner and it is also a European Champion. Putting all these three teams in one group is being considered as the worst result.

The team that wins the Path A will be the fourth team in this group. The play-off system and pre-pairing of the 12 hosts have led to the complexity of draw for Uefa. France manager Didier Deschamps has the thought of revenge that France will take from Germany. Germany defeated France in 1982.

The coach of Portugal, Fernando Santos, has also led his side against finals against France. This final was held at St. Denis. Besides this, Portugal has also remembered the defeats that it has got from France in the semi-finals of Euros 1984 and World Cup 2006. The manager of Germany team, Jogi Low, has led the company in 2014 World Cup. Now he is under pressure due to poor performance in Nations League Campaign.

France and Portugal were not selected for Pot One, which has been held between 24 teams in 12 cities. Both these teams along with Germany are selected in Group F and the matches between them will be played in Munich.

England and its competitors

England has made its place at the top of Group D. The team that comes second in Group F has to be played with England in Dublin. England has become a top scorer during the qualifying matches. The team has gained this position on the basis of goals that it has made against various teams. Belgium will play against Croatia in Wembley. England has defeated the team of Croatia two times – once in Euro 2004 and the other in Nations League. But in Euro 2008, Croatia beat England. England will also compete with Czech Republic. The group will include the winners of Path C. One team can be Scotland who has won the qualifier round for Euro 2000 in 1999.

Italy and Turkey

Turkey was the winner of 2002 World Cup and a young team is there to play Euro 2020. Italy has not played the last world cup but for Euro 2020, it has won all the matches of the qualifying round, which equals ten. Armenia has also won nine out of ten. Armenia will play with Turkey in Rome for Euro 2020. Switzerland is being underestimated in spite of the fact that it reached the final of Nations League.

Euro 2020 Final

Wembley stadium in London is the place where the final math of the tournament will be held. The team of England got the fourth rank in the world cup 2018 at this stadium. The stadium is also known as The Home of Football. Two semifinal games of the tournament will also be held in this stadium. The capacity of the stadium is 90,000.

Wrapping Up

Germany and France are tough competitors and they are put in one group. That is the reason the group has been called as group of death. Portugal is also there and one more team is to be included in the group.


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