Can Belgium Win the World Cup?

Without any doubts, it will be sad for Belgium if they do not win the World Cup on 15th July, 2018. This has been affirmed by their defender Thomas Vermaelen when he talked at a press conference on 8th July. As for other players on the team, they say that they are taking one game at a time. The defender says that they want to get to the final and proceed to win. If this does not happen, they will forever be disappointed. They are focus on proceeding to the final and winnings.

Belgiums are confident that they will do the best if they find themselves in the final after knocking out some of the biggest teams in the tournament. They have also shown great skill in their football and this was seen as they played against Japan where they played well even though the match proved to be hard on them.

Vermaelen said that they believe that France will be tougher compared to Brazil. He believes so because of the team’s individual qualities. He believes that their defence is stronger and he believes that they will be hard to tackle. Vermaelen also said that his team mate in Barcelona Samuel Umtiti will be one player that his team mates will have to tackle with great skill. He says that he is a quick, strong and a great defender. As for Belgium, they have their own set of stars like Eden Hazard, and Kevin de Bruyne.

Why they can win the World Cup

Belgium has countless weapons distributed within the team. They have Hazard, De Bruyne and Lukaku if he recovers from his ankle injury. When it comes to the keeper they have one of the best in the world; Thibaut Courtois. Another great thing about Belgium is that they do not panic when playing. They either win fast or slow. They went for 47 minutes without scoring against Panama. But they eventually learnt how to go past the defenders. They made their first goal and scored two more in the last twenty minutes.

When they played against Tunisia, they scored two goals in the first sixteen minutes and three more before the game ended. Panama’s coach said that Belgium like England were frightening. They will also win the World Cup because this seems to be their time. The team is made up of players from the golden generation. There is a diverse mix of players in the team. The best players are in the mid and late 20s. This is the prime age for football players.

Some of these players had a better season than De Bruyne had in Manchester City. Martinez pointed out that his team is more than a few players deep. He said that a team needs to be made of players where everyone is in sync and are trying to contribute. Every player in the team has to take part and this is why football is played by a team.

Why they might not win

Some may argue that Martinez is not a world class coach. Martines is an incredible guy but he has never had a winning percentage of more than 50% in Wigan, Swansea and Everton where he was fired in 2016. Another reason they might not win is because of Lukaku’s ankle injury that might make him stay on the bench. He is one of the best players that most opponent players might fear. But we hope that his health will be better for him to play and assist the team in winning the World Cup.


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