Can anyone stop Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City

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A look at Manchester City’s previous Season

A year ago Manchester City were merely fancied to win the Premier League title. Today they are indisputable favourites to defend it. Manchester United who were second are barely considered to be contenders. In September, United and City were separated by the Alphabetical order arrangement. But by May this gap was of 19 points and the only encouragement United had was their comeback at Etihad in April. City broke the wins, points and goal records last season but Guardiola believes that the players are able to improve their skills this year.

The improvements on individuals will mean that the entire team will be improved as well. He believes that a team is the aggregate strength of its parts. He stated that the only players who have reached their physical peaks are Silva and Fernandinho.
Manchester City is made of more than just individual players. They are made of experience, bonds of trust and team-work. With Guardiola guiding the team, his complex philosophy of football which is made up of specific practices and principles will make the players understand the game better as they play.

TeamPlay & Players

Manchester City’s win in the Premier League last season will go down in history as one of the best by Pep Guardiola. The team won more matches compared to other teams. This was done in great style where they scored a total of 106 goals. They even broke the record for the most passes ever made in a single game. In response to this, they have strengthened the team. They now have Riyad Mahrez in the team from Leicester and this will add on the attacking depth. We believe that Aymeric Laporte is now settled.

Leroy Sane is well rested now and still doing better. They have not sold any players and this is a great indicator that Manchester City will have a great team in the new season. Another reason as to why they might have better odds of retaining the title is because they have a huge gap between them and the rest of the teams. They have a 19-point gap between them and Manchester United who were in second place in the last season. Guardiola’s team keeps improving and with the third season being in sight, it will certainly be the strongest. When Guardiola was in Barcelona; in his third year; 2010-11, they won Champions League, La Liga, Club World Cup and the Super Cup.

As they played towards the end of the last season you would see a team that had learnt Guardiola’s system. Every run, pass, formation and overload seemed to be internalized. Guardiola’s amazing coaching skills are so good that the players can be able to play the game with a blindfold on.

Are they ready for the new Premier League Season?

Guardiola will not leave them to play on autopilot but he has been putting a lot of focus in making sure that they are being more tactical and not physical in their gameplay. This will mean that they will be doing good with teams that have deep formations like 5-4-1. This means that they might have another formation to get more of their men in the front line. When he was in Bayern in his third year he played 2-3-5 and last season he finished playing 3-3-4. We expect that he will bring more innovation this year.

This season they have Riyad Mahrez, Benjamin Mendy and Aymeric Laporte and with these players they might be better. We believe that they will be playing penetrative controlling football. It does not mean that they will be playing to beat that last year’s record of 100 points. To Guardiola, performance is way better compared to contingency of a result.


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