10 New Year Betting Resolutions to Follow

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Do you love betting but have not been very successful in previous years? Let the beginning of this New Year be your chance for you to up your game in betting. You can become a good bettor by making some few adjustments. Betting is a skill that needs some calculated steps. Below are the tips that you should implement as part of your New Year betting resolutions.

Take advantage of new accounts

As the year starts, it is an ideal opportunity for you to open a new account so that you don’t use your own money to bet. Opening a new betting account allows you to get welcome bonuses which can help you place bets without spending your money. It helps you place bets using other people’s money so that you can boost your betting.

Though most new accounts require some deposit before you place a bet, it is an investment that is worth trying. Different accounts offer numerous offers such as bonuses and rewards that you should take advantage of. Ensure that you as you open a new account, you go through the terms and conditions before you start playing to ensure that they favor you.

Stop gambling for fun

Though the industry has grown, many people bet out of fun without putting a lot of seriousness in gambling. Most people bet on live games merely because they are live without thinking about how they bet. Every serious gambler should watch a specific match with a bet idea already in mind.

Betting for fun can make one lose a lot of money due to not considering all the factors well. For you to gamble for fun, you should consider the games that do not charge you to play so that you don’t lose your money in the process of having fun.

Do not bet with your heart but rather your head

Are you biased on your favorite team when placing bets? This is a common problem that most of us make. Though we all love specific teams, we should not let our feelings interfere with the ability to make the right decision when betting. Do not let your sentiments prevent you from making the correct predictions as per the chances of which team is likely to win.

You may want your team to win, but you should always weigh the likelihood of winning against the other team. If you attach feelings to a particular side, it is advisable to choose other teams so that you can use your head to bet as opposed to using your heart.

Inform yourself

Winning in betting comes from learning more about the teams before you start placing bets. Betting blind, on the other hand, can make you lose a lot of money. You should inform yourself more as you go through the statistics and trends before placing bets.

Sometimes, betting based on a specific team’s reputation may work against you. Go through analysis tools of different matches to increase your chances of making the right predictions.

Identify a niche

Identifying a niche market can increase your odds of success in betting. Since betting is diverse, you can get a niche in a certain sport or league and learn everything regarding it. Invest in the niche and look for the betting opportunities in it. Start with virtual bets as you monitor your progress and remain disciplined while betting.

Experiment on bet types

Do you concentrate on only one type of bet? The betting industry consists of numerous markets which you should be using to increase your chances of winning. Try different types of bets as you use the right strategy for you to succeed. Ensure that the strategy you choose works for you and use it consistently. Most professional bettors use hedging since it secures winnings and minimizes the risk of loses.

Recognize value before betting

Betting is tempting when you anticipate for big wins. You should, however, try to recognize if the bet is valuable or not before you place the bet. Betting systems come with a lot of variables which need proper decision making to avoid losing. Calculate the odds of success before placing your bet so that you can tell if there is value in the bet or not.

Strive for the best odds

The secret to making significant wins in betting is striving for the best odds from every bet. You can do this by looking at an odds comparison site. This site can tell you the best odds that are available online. You should ensure that the bookie does not benefit from your money, but rather you benefit from the game.

Record your betting experience

Keeping records of every time you win or lose is not easy, but it is a necessity for a serious bettor. Come up with a spreadsheet that helps you track of your losses and wins. Remember to include every amount you bet so that you can tell if you are making profits or losses. You should also review your betting activity after some time so that you can identify your weak points to improve them.

Avoid betting under the influence

Gambling and alcohol do not hand in hand. Betting under the influence of alcohol prevents you from making sound decisions. That is why you should place bets while sober so that you look at all the possibilities of winning.

Final thoughts

Betting can be sweet if you make these tips part of your New Year betting resolutions. Change your betting history today and achieve your goals.

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