Free Bets

Bookmakers have embraced a number of strategic tools to increase the number of people who are betting. They offer great sign-up bonuses, high odds and access to a wide variety of options in terms of events and markets which people can bet on.

Bookmakers such as 1XBET, Bet365 and BetFair offer a great online platform that is easy to navigate and to make bets with. Bookmakers have also improved customer service to help address issues quickly in order to retain their customers’ loyalty.

The most prevalent strategic tool for bookmakers is the free bet. Most bookmakers offer free stakes up to certain amounts. But the free bet is never as straightforward as signing up and getting bet right away. Check our supertips now.

Are free bets really free?

On paper, a free bet should be an additional stake that is added to your betting account at no extra cost. You should then be able to use this amount to play your bets, and hopefully win. Instead, free bets are not exactly free. Bookmakers do not just offer something free to their clients.

Usually, bookmakers attach a number of terms and conditions to the free bet. While it is advertised as a free bet, the terms and conditions involved almost always involve some additional expense to the betting client. In order to be eligible for this bets that are widely advertised by bookmakers, you may need to understand and satisfy the terms.

You should review a particular bookmaker’s terms and conditions before making any attempt to pursue a free bet. This way, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to qualify for a free bet.

Is there a difference between free bets and bonuses?

Free bets and bonuses are not the same betting products and should not be confused for each other. While some bookmakers might interchange the terms for each other, they are distinct and usually carry different terms and conditions.

The free bet is a specific type of betting incentive which does not include the stake in the potential winnings. When you stake some money for a regular bet, bookmakers will return this amount as part of the winnings. However, free bets are never inclusive of this option. If you stake a free bet, you will only be eligible for any winnings without the stake included. Usually, free bets attract less stricter terms than bonuses in regards to rollover requirements and withdrawal.

Bonuses are a range of incentives that usually attract more lenient restrictions. They may require you to fulfil some condition in order to successfully claim the bonuses. Unlike the free bet, they are inclusive of the stake in the potential total winnings. They generally have some rollover requirements, as well as restrictions on withdrawal until the conditions have been met.

What is rollover?

You have probably heard of the term in your betting, but have never had a bookmaker explain it to you fully.

Rollover can be a confusing phenomenon as bookmakers put little effort into explaining how it works before advertising their free bets and bonuses that may require you to know it beforehand. Understanding the rollover requirement could be the key to helping you take advantage of the bonuses on offer with many bookmakers.

The rollover is a minimum betting requirement that may be attached to a specific bookmaker bonus. You will need to stake a certain amount in order to be eligible to withdraw the bonus offered. The rollover requirement can be found in the terms and conditions of any bonus offer, and are usually denoted in multiples. For instance, a rollover with a minimum value of quadruple the bonus amount will be denoted as 5*.

To calculate your minimum rollover requirement, you should add up your bonus and deposit amount, and then multiply it by the rollover multiple. Let’s assume that you have deposited £/€ 150 with your bookmaker, who is offering a 100% bonus with a 3x rollover. After you deposit the stake, the bookmaker will match your £/€ 150 with a similar bonus of their own. You will not be able to withdraw the £/€ 300 in your account. For the full withdrawal, you will need to cumulatively stake at least £/€ 900 in order to qualify to withdraw the bonus. This can be expressed as 3*(£150+£150).

Some free bets have a rollover requirement. In this case, finding rollover would be as simple as multiplying the amount of the free bet with the rollover requirement. If the bookmaker does not include the stake in the withdrawal, you may need to subtract it from your potential winnings.

Rollover is easy to understand, but can be complex due to the lack of any details provided by the bookmakers. Now that you know how rollover requirements apply, you are better placed to benefit from your bonuses. You should read the terms and conditions thoroughly in order to maximize your ability to take advantage of the bonuses on offer. By exploring the rollover requirements, you will also be able to find the ideal bookmaker. Some bookmakers offer rollover of as low as 2* while others may go as high as 15*. Understanding the terms and conditions beforehand will help you choose only the deals you consider viable.

What are other requirements placed on free bets and bonuses?

Your bookmaker might have additional requirements that need to be met before the bonus or free bet can be fully claimed. These additional requirements are threaded into the terms and conditions.

The most common restrictions are on the odds to which rollover bets may be applicable. Bookmakers will not consider bets below certain cumulative odds as being part of your rollover requirement. Others will limit all withdrawals to only those made without including the bonus until such a time that rollover requirement is satisfied.

Many bookmakers will restrict the markets you can play with your bonus. They may limit it to certain types of games or exclude certain events. In this case, you will only be eligible to use your bonus as specified in order to maximize your chances of winning. Some bookmakers will restrict the number of bonuses you may be eligible to play at once, particularly if they have more than one.

When looking through the terms and conditions for your bonus, you should consider all the restrictions placed on the bonus and free bets that you may want to maximize. Alongside any rollover requirements, you should identify any restrictions on odds or stake amounts that will make you eligible for the bonus. You should also explore the accumulator bet policy to find out whether it will be considered part of your rollover amount.

Going through the terms and conditions before going after your bonus will help you determine the best way to maximize your chances of getting the bookmaker’s bonus. It will protect you from technicalities that may affect your ability to earn the bonus offered, as well as guide you on exactly what you need to do to be eligible for it.

What are some of the free bets and bonuses on offer?

Bookmakers use a variety of free bets and promotions to help attract punters to their platforms. The incentives come in all types and sizes, and depend on the bookmaker. Here are some bonuses and free bet options that you should consider when looking for a good bet.

Enhanced Betting Odds

Some bookmakers may offer higher odds than the market standard as an incentive to bet on certain games. This type of bonus, which is also known as Price Boost, is increasingly becoming popular with bookmakers as the potential for more winnings attracts more people into their platforms.

A few bookmakers have no restrictions for this type of bonus. Most bookmakers restrict the stakes which may be placed on events with enhanced odds. A number of bookmakers may impose a rollover requirement by paying out the winnings as a bonus instead of cash, and then requiring that the client meet them in order to qualify for withdrawal.

Money Back

Bookmakers could draw in punters by offering money back promotions, which would reduce the likelihood of loss. The Money Back bonus, which may also be called a Cash Back, offers you a chance to get your money back if certain conditions are met. Bookmakers may offer the Money Back bonus for events that fail to happen without any restrictions as well.

It is important to understand the conditions that may make you eligible for a Money Back bonus. Some bookmakers may offer a bonus refund instead of a cash refund, which may have further restrictions imposed.

Understanding the terms and conditions will help you identify Money Back promotions instead of promotions that refund in bonuses. The money back includes other types of bets, such as the Bore Draw offered by WDW. In this type of bet, if a game ends goalless, you will be eligible to have your stake refunded.

Bonus Bets and onus Winnings

Bookmakers will incentivize your betting by offering you additional bets or winnings to bets that meet certain criteria. These bets and winnings are bonuses for meeting these conditions. The conditions are usually attached to certain odds or stake requirements.

After winning these bonuses, you will need to explore your bookmaker’s policy regarding the use and eligibility for withdrawal for bonus bets and earnings. Rollover and other conditions are usually applied here.

Can free bets work on mobile?

Navigating the mobile platforms of betting sites is increasingly becoming easier by the day thanks to the development of good mobile technology, and the efforts by bookmakers to improve their mobile websites. Your free bet will work just as well on your mobile phone as they will on your computer.

Using your mobile phone to make bets is convenient and easy. You can do it while on the move and take advantage of in-play bets and other similar developments in betting. Bonuses and these bets can be redeemed over mobile and computer platforms, as well as by first time users and regular customers depending on the promotions offered by your bookmaker.

Final thought about Free Bets

Bookmakers have exciting deals that will make your betting potentially even more lucrative. There are a number of free bets and bonuses that you can exploit to maximize your winnings. These bets and bonuses are usually subjected to certain conditions, which must be met in order for them to pay out.

Reviewing a bookmaker’s terms and conditions will help you understand the requirements before you consider placing your bets. You will be better placed to win if you review these terms and ensure that you remain eligible for the rewards. Check now our free supertips.